Human Centered Design


What is the difference between Human Centered Design and Design Thinking?

First of all, we must think of design as the embodiment of all that is created by humans to make the world a better place (hopefully). Design has many meanings for all of us. Design thinking is a mindset.

Design thinking enables creativity and “outside the box” solutions that are “innovative” and tackle problems at its core. Human centered design puts the human perspective at the center of every step of the process.

Design Thinking is a mindset to identify unmet needs and conceive of many possible solutions, thus increasing your chances for mind blowing, light bulb flashing, innovative and iconic inventions. The Design Process is taking that mindset, and putting a formula to it. There are many such formulas, each different, because the context to which that formula is applied may be different.

HCD emphasizes the human experience. Similarly, there are many different HCD processes for different contexts, as the stakeholders (humans) are unique to the particular industry sector.

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